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Mr. Entity 

Gough’s Ambitious Entity ! This lilac green eyed boy can produce any color you can think of! Isn’t he gorgeous? Entity is an up and coming stud for U Lucky Bulldog and we can’t wait to use him! This boy will be producing some gorgeous puppies and he’s a sweetheart to top it off! 

Mr. Pickles

Gough's Sour Pickle is the new kid on the block! Pickles will be the new stud of  U Lucky Bulldog! Obviously he is way to young to be involved with the adult matters, but soon enough he will be adding to the program we pride in here at U Lucky Bulldog! Isn't he a beautiful boy?!

Miss. Panda

Gough's Pandemonium is a  sweet heart! She aims to please. Panda's most favorite thing ever is feet! She loves feet! So watch out or she'll trip you up! Miss Panda is now a mother as of November 15 2021! She is one heck of a mother too! She adores her six babies!

Miss. Rollo

Gough's Chocolate Rollo is a beautiful chocolate trindle  girl that loves her chew toys! She loves them so much she steals everyone else's! Rollo hasn’t had babies yet but she will soon!

Miss. Nova

Gough's Super Nova is on spicy girl that enjoys the wild side of life! Nothing can keep this girl down! Her most favorite thing to do is whatever she wants! Miss. Nova will be a mother soon! Babies coming December 4, 2021! 

Miss. Clementine 

Gough's Sweet Clementine is a fun loving girl that is full of spunk! Clementine enjoys playing with all the other Bulldogs, car rides and French fries! She will be a new mom January 9, 2022!

Miss Ailbe

Gough's Ailbe River is the couch potato of all potatoes! She loves sun bathing and car rides! Ailbe is a fantastic momma that really adores her baby’s and everyone else’s babies! She is now retired enjoying her couch time with us

Miss Kay

Miss Kay is now retired and living the life! Kay is a wonderful momma that absolutely enjoys car rides and bath time! 

Miss. Bella 

Miss Bella is not your normal lazy English Bulldog! Bella can go for hours, she absolutely loves running with her BFF Lucy the German shepherd! Bella is now at rainbow bridge waiting for me on the other side 💔 she was my very first bulldog and she will be so dearly missed. RIP baby girl 💕

Miss. Rumor 

Rumor has it.....  Rumor is a very energetic girl that thinks life is all fun and games! Rumor is now retired, she had two litters and was the absolute perfect momma! Due to complications after c-sections, she was forced into retirement for her health and safety.  

Miss. Willow 

Miss. Willow is a very energetic and fun loving girl! She loves playing with all the other dogs. Miss Willow is one of the best mommas ever! She is very dedicated to her babies 💕 Willow is now retired and enjoying fun in the sun! 

Mr. Porter 

Porter. The Big Mac daddy of them all! While his favorite thing to do is what ever his momma is doing, he also enjoys being a certified therapy dog with Therapy dogs international where he gets to bring smiles to all ages. Porter is also CGC certified. Porter is now retired and helping his momma with stuff around the house. 


Gough's Big Boy Booker, is not your average  Bulldog! He is a very athletic boy who loves to run and go on hicks! He doesn't get winded easily. He is also a big snuggle bug that loves to cuddle on the couch. Booker is the son of Romer and Porter. Booker is now retired and living the good life!

U Lucky Bulldog 

U Lucky Bulldog only breeds to the AKC standards, to better the breed of English bulldogs. Keeping to this high standard insures you will receive the best quality puppy! All of our puppies are AKC registered and will come with papers. All of our puppies come with a one year health guarantee, along with being checked and health cleared by a certified vet. You’re puppy will come with a health certificate and age appropriate shots and deworming. You will also receive a bag of food along with other goodies. 

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